Mercury Safe Dentistry

Sola Dental of Austin provides mercury safe dentistry to area residents, including a service to remove mercury fillings that come from the use of amalgam. If you have any questions about mercury safe dentistry or the mercury filling removal service we offer, please do not hesitate to give us a call at (512) 614-6800.

Dental Amalgam

The main component of dental amalgam is mercury, which is released from the filling into the body continuously. In fact, mercury in dental fillings are a main source of environmental mercury exposure in humans. Unfortunately, many dental organizations (including the American Dental Association), continue to support their use despite the well documented evidence of their risks. Dr. Gent & Dr. Su firmly believe that dental amalgam has no place in the human body and supports their safe removal and replacement with more biocompatible materials.

Mercury Safe

Be careful! Since mercury is released from dental amalgam fillings during their removal, great care must be taken ensure it is done as safely as possible. Ask your dentist what precautions they take to protect you during the removal of these fillings. SoLa Dental of Austin follows the protocol for safe removal of dental amalgam recommended by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology.

Other Dental Metals

Metal alloys are a main component in many dental crowns, the content of which can vary widely in both type and purity. Hypersensitivity reactions to the metal in dental crowns are very common, and may result in soft tissue lesions and receding gums.

Replacement Options

Dental amalgam is usually replaced with bioceramics or composite resins. Bioceramics are not only beautiful, lifelike and very strong, they are inherently very biocompatible. To maximize soft tissue health and minimize allergenic potential, ceramics are the material of choice for many restorations including dental crowns. While many dental composites contain BPA, which is harmful to humans, SoLa Dental of Austin proudly uses only BPA-free* resins, sealants, and cements.

*We use 3M products that contain Bis-GMA which studies have demonstrated does not breakdown into BPA. Please follow this link to read more from 3M.