If you’d like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We’d love to hear about your experience!

Chase B.

“I personally had to have oral surgery (tooth extraction and implant insertion). I went to SoLa Dental and they made a rather unpleasant and traumatic type process very easy to undergo and significantly reduced pain and discomfort with their process and their professional, yet extremely friendly, bedside manner.

“After the surgery, the staff was second to none with follow-up emails and calls to ensure I was okay and that my healing process was progressing positively.

“To anyone considering a dental professional in the Austin or surrounding area (Dallas, Houston, San Antonio), I have zero reservations with recommending Dr. Gent and SoLa Dental of Austin. They set the bar for excellence, as far as I am concerned.”

Janice G.

“I had such a wonderful experience that I took the time to create an account in order to recognize the professional service provided at SoLa Dental! I was warmly greeted by a smile from the receptionist, Lauren, who easily navigated me through the new patient check-in process, which only took a total of five minutes. Then I was handed over to a very friendly, efficient dental hygienist named Corey who gently eased my tensions as he explained all of the instruments (which I may add, were very modern and the most up-to-date equipment offered in the dentistry field).

“Dr. Gent was very professional, as well as personable, so I felt the comfortableness to ask any questions that came to mind. He left an impression on me that he has pride in providing the best patient care and doing what’s best for my oral (and overall) health. I came to the end of the patient flow by being introduced to the office manager, Molly, who was just perfect to seal the exceptional care. She went over the insurance benefits for the present and future services while taking time to form a connection by engaging in a conversation.

“I appreciate my experience today and definitely look forward to coming back!”

Janelle B.

“Hands down the best dental experience I’ve had! I was really impressed with how they are committed to a whole new level of truly green dentistry ... I didn’t even know that really existed until SoLa. Molly, Nicole, and Dr. Gent completely changed my perspective on going to the dentist (which before SoLa was rather grim). They make you feel comfortable from the moment you walk in. I’ve had quite a bit of work done there now (gum contouring, mercury filling removal, whitening, and an extraction), and can’t say enough good things. All of it healed quickly and I really feel it was done in the best and safest way possible. Dr. Gent and Molly even came in on a day off to take care of a very painful tooth for me, so I could enjoy my upcoming vacation! Great experience. If you have any hesitation, go see them, they’ll walk you through everything and answer any/all questions (I had a ton). Plus they’re great about getting you in quick.”

Teltsa R.

“This is the best dentist experience I have ever had. It’s very clean, no real wait, and very friendly staff. I will be going back. Dr. Gent is awesome!!!”

Leah C.

“Dr. Gent and his staff are very personable and accommodating. I’ve never had to wait more than five minutes to be seen for an appointment. The office is also well equipped with what appears to be the latest technology in the industry (no waiting for old-school X-rays to be developed). They have been flexible with me when I’ve had to cancel/reschedule appointments, which I appreciate. They seem to go out of their way to ensure your comfort, like when they offered me a blanket in a cold exam room.”


“Dr. Gent was friend and gentle. He explained my options thoroughly and there was no judgment. His staff was professional and kind as well. The office was immaculate and possibly the most beautifully designed interior. My lips did not crack after the checkup, which they have usually done in the past. He will be my permanent dentist from now on.”


“Quite possibly the nicest people ever. Molly, the receptionist, is the sweetest person. I really like that when I first called, and I haven’t been to a dentist in years, she was really understanding and listened to me. Dr. Gent is really understanding and not intimidating like most dentists. So far, I’m happy with my dental work and I will be going back until I’m in healthy condition.

“I know most people believe that dentists are out to get them, but really they are just doing their job; at least this one is.”

Court R.

“Modern equipment, clean office, spectacular service. I love the focus on organic and sustainable practices here. This place is top notch.... if it’s your first appointment, get there a little early to fill out paperwork using the iPad (it takes a bit longer but saves paper).”

Victoria C.

“Dr. Gent and his excellent team are the best in the biz in Austin. I have been very happy with their work and with their thoroughness and follow-up after procedures. They rock!”